The inspiration for Life Transitions came to the founder, Rene Sanchez, at a most difficult time in his life - the death of his father. It was at this time when a sensitive hospice nurse informed his family that his father was "transitioning," rather than dying. Even though Rene had been a funeral director for many years, this sensitivity gave him comfort and caused him to reflect upon what others not familiar with the funeral process, must experience. Concurrently, Rene was managing a corporate funeral location with which he was becoming increasingly disenchanted. The corporate business culture demanded that a director implement practices that were diametrically opposed to Rene's ethics/moral compass. Ultimately, corporate pressure to go against his own conscience caused him to resign and Life Transitions was born.

Rene had seen much in his 25 years as a funeral director, as a former funeral home owner, as well as an employee for both independently owned funeral homes and those owned by large corporations. He saw unscrupulous practices all around him, people being sold things they didn't want or need, veterans' families kept uninformed about their eligibility for benefits, families sharing unfortunate stories about their previous experiences - the list went on & on. Amidst this kind of environment, he prided himself on being fair, informative and compassionate in dealing with families. And even though he was outspoken about his disdain for poor practices, he was unable to effect widespread change, so he became proactive to take a new direction. He was, and is still, amazed at how misinformed the public is regarding end-of-life decisions; Life Transitions addresses this mountain of misinformation.

Life Transitions strives to educate and minimize emotional, as well as financial, stress associated with losing a loved one. Working as an additional support to RNs, social workers, clinical directors, pastoral care givers, the eldercare community and other advocacy groups, Life Transitions gives assurance to families that they have 100% of the information they need and deserve at life's most critical time. Rene meets with families at a place and time of their convenience to assess their individual needs and takes the time to address all concerns and questions a family might have. This is where misconceptions are dispelled and where requirements and legalities are defined. For a fair and reasonable fee, Rene can save families hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in unnecessary expenses.

Rene is a 1990 graduate of Worsham College of Mortuary Science, Wheeling, Illinois and holds a Virginia Funeral Director/Embalmer license, as well as a Virginia Life/Health Insurance license. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army and graduate of the U.S. Academy of Health & Science, Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX. He is also a classically trained pianist/composer, a graduate of the American Conservatory of Music, Chicago. After selling his funeral home in Chicago, Rene relocated to Virginia in 2006. Rene is married and is also bilingual in Spanish.


Life Transitions provides options to minimize the emotional and financial stress, surrounding the time of loss. 

Life Transitions provides options to minimize the emotional and financial stress surrounding the time of loss. 

  • We can consult with you and your family at your place of convenience, i.e., home, hospital, or nursing facility


  • We can accompany you to the funeral home of your choice for the arrangement process, and review your documents and itemized contract.

  • Pre-paid options available.

 Take the next important step for you and your family. Call Life Transitions for more info & pricing.





We expertly address fears, wishes and concerns about end-of-life decisions. We provide guidance and support through the simplicity of dos & don'ts when planning final arrangements for a loved one.


We educate families to help save them hundreds, perhaps thousands in unnecessary expenses. We raise awareness of misconceptions and truths surrounding the funeral process and the ongoing unfair practices.


Our help alleviates the families’ stress of having to make critical decisions under pressure, allowing for better decisions to be made. Upon request, we can assist with the funeral arrangement conference.

Life Transitions engenders peace of mind through the reassurance of informed choices.



Charlottesville, VA 22911



Tel: 540-314-9980


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Our Mission

Educate, counsel, and empower families to prepare for end of life decisions.

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